Thursday, August 02, 2012

Definitions: 'Cry Method'

This is a method of teaching a baby to fall asleep without the help of their parents.  'Cry' methods are usually aimed at avoiding 'sleep associations' like breastfeeding, cuddling, rocking or patting to sleep so that babies can 'self-settle'.  Some methods encourage leaving the room until the baby falls asleep, this is called 'extinction' ( not a nice connotation!).  Other methods are called 'controlled crying' 'controlled comforting' or 'crying to settle'.  These can vary from staying in the room talking to and touching the baby, staying in the room and avoiding eye contact, touch and speaking, or leaving the room for longer and longer intervals with brief comfort in the form of touch, verbal reassurance etc.  The baby is not picked up, fed or otherwise interacted with, Typically, the baby is fed, changed and made comfortable before the crying method is implemented.