Thursday, April 28, 2011

Isolation, Mothering and Ministry

Ah! Hello there! Have not been blogging for a while, unfortunately. I have been busy, in a very mumsy sort of way. I now understand what all the fuss about 'gastro' is.

As someone who never throws up, even when I am racked with cramps and surrounded by vomitting people, I suppose I got off light - but being the one who is able to walk/keep fluids down/wash towels/fetch medications and hydration fluids I certainly got a workout. Then subsequent night waking, interstate visitor staying a bit later when we were still recovering, staying up from 2:30 am until 10pm at night a few times as well took its toll.

I mean, what is it with being a parent? You innocently visit friends for lunch, sample beautiful food and enjoy great company for the first time in weeks and then...your baby's nappy explodes and the next thing you know you are on full-time nurse duty night and day - and quarantined and shut out from people and food and fun.
But back to my story.

Once Husband and Daughter are ok again you catch a little cold - but thats no big deal so you push on until Easter, training for your first 8km and starting to see some faster times and managing to actually do cross-training workouts on your days off without collapsing. You have a friend stay for a week, while your daughter's night waking is still happening and you are still figuring out why - but hey, push on, socialising is here again! Enjoy it!

Then, suddenly you are minding your own business at a wonderful playgroup with mums you love and haven't seen for yonks and their gorgeous babies and toddlers and sharing lovely coffee when BAM! You catch another cold, this time a corker and it all percolates and explodes on Easter Sunday just when your holidays start!

You pull some muscle in your middle back lifting your rubenesque daughter out of the car while your husband preaches ( with the cold) at a tiny church and its so bad you can hardly turn your neck. Then finally, on holidays and unable to get a physio appt, you let your husband do everything for a day, which gets old quickly, as husband is sick and his asthma is ten times worse than usual.

This is why women need special ministry to them, we are so lonely, tired and overworked and have to avoid infecting the rest of the population with our children's germs. We need a vapouriser for the baby's room as she still has a cold and the one we had just died. We need to do the shopping. We need to catch up with people we promised we would catch up with. We want to be kayaking or running or doing day walks with the baby back-pack we bought for these holidays. We want to do some writing in cafes together. We want to relax and read TinTin together. We want our daughter to sleep and breathe ok at night. We want my Husband to breathe ok at night!

Dear LORD, we are spent. We are frustrated and a whole week of our holidays is already gone and we have wasted it being sick and injured. Something tells me it got this bad because we were working too hard. We always feel like we work too hard to even see our friends and to do fun things. Too many of my husband's days off are swallowed in admin and other things that 'just happen'. Dear LORD, please grant us a true rest so that we can love doing your work again. Make us whole. Please God, help us guard Luke's days off and this holiday time.