Friday, February 11, 2011

8 Months - Update

I'm stealing an idea from Xapis at wordpress whose blog I have been following all through her pregnancy right up to now that her DS is 18 months old.

Dear Evangeline,

You are 8 months old this week. You really are amazing. You are saying 'Mama' now. I'm not sure if you know what it means, but it's still really special to hear it. You aren't crawling yet but you like roaming around on your tummy and playing with toys. You will also stand-up for as long as any poor sucker will let you. You stiffen your legs to try and stop us from putting you back down on your bottom!

You talk quite a lot, saying various consonants before 'ah' (B, W, L, J) and squeal with delight a lot. You like your 'lift the flap' books and enjoy playing 'peekaboo'. So do we!
Your dadad reads you poetry quite often, your mumum often sings to you, you seem to like this.

You are very beautiful to us, your face is taking shape

You have two little bottom teeth, soft soft skin and you are still fitting your size '0's well enough in most brands. You eyes are such a vivid blue, you get a lot of comments about them. You look like your grandpa.

You seem to like kisses and snuggles and you still seem to like breastfeeding, but you also love food. You ate a toast soldier today, the whole thing! I just gave it to you to give you something to chew, but then it was gone!

You started playing with your shaker a lot more lately, your start playing when I play 'The Eyes Don't Lie' by the Steadfast Shepheard, a song that I have been playing for you and shaking the egg to for a few months now. You bounce up and down like you have good rhythm.

Your dadad and I are so proud of you.