Friday, March 04, 2011

Where to Start?

This has been a busy month. Where to start?

Start with God, right?

God has been very good to me and slowly convicting me of sin and His grace in succession, it has been tough facing up to my laziness, selfishness and self-preserving behaviour that is usually a result of introversion or fear of stuffing up.

I have been trying to put myself out of my comfort zone by doing things that I don't like doing when I 'am too tired' or 'really can't bear it'. This has been surprisingly blessed with results of doing better than I thought I would and also fruitfulness.

I am not a tidy, organised person and I hate starting things I don't finish so 'tidying my office' is daunting for me as I discover more of my things that need to be done but I am learning to break things down into manageable chunks and face up to it. It looks better and is paving the way for better use of my time when I am at my desk.

I've been running again which is a delightful stress relief for me. I found a program that trains one for 8-10 km racing. It is only 3 days a week but hard and sometimes requiring nearly 2 hours to complete. Rising at 5-5:30am to do these has been hard but good discipline. In the process of this I faced my fear of not getting enough sleep 'making me cranky' or doing dumb things when tired. Surprisingly, my body got used to it and I am getting better at still getting stuff done after being up since 5 am. I love the runs too, I did 15km today, it felt wonderful and I listened to a fantastic sermon while running that really challenged me, the subject of my next post.