Monday, November 20, 2006

Butterfly Effect

Ever have those days where your body feels like it's breaking down but your mind is on fire??

I've been trying not to whinge but I've been sick for three weeks now. A weird virus that gives me inflamed joints, nausea, heaches, dizziness etc. 'Cause it's viral the doctor just gave me some anti-inflammatories that make me feel worse so I gave up on them after one week. I wake up at 6am most days with my right hand aching, or both hands numb and tingling.

Back to the doc' on thursday.

Butterfly Effect

Had mega day at work, cranked through a dizzy morning hardly having time to sit down until about 1pm, but am so stoked....solved a really tricky reference question that one of the teacher's asked me...

Every now and then you get some stumpers at work. The latest one was finding a book (that we knew we had in the library somewhere)about "The Butterfly Effect", not the Ashton Kutcher movie.

BUT The term which refers to an aspect of chaos theory, where ( in a nutshell, help! I'm in a nutshell!!) certain circumstances create substantial consequences. Usually meant in the context of weather.

Unfortunately there is no subject heading for "butterfly effect" so me and the Librarian looked for "chaos theory", "weather", "mathematics". We tried doing a google search on books about the butterfly effect, but to no avail....

I found it today, guess what it was callled?????