Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bound for Botany Bay? The sequel

"You won't want to see me" said Aunty J firmly, shuffling through the hanging plastic streamers in the doorway.

"Well, actually. J, we were just wondering if you would want to see us!" I informed her. I kissed her small and shrinking face, stroked her thin, dark grey pony-tail. Luke kissed his great-aunt and she began to talk excitedly about her plans for her garden.

Sydney was fun. Yet, slightly unreal. It has made me want to connect with people there more, relo's and my growing friendships from CIM. I was encouraged by how kind people were and challenged by the strong emphasis on Hebrew ( a plus for Luke) that is at SMBC.

However, after much prayer, painful deliberation, thinking and weighing up all aspects of both Ridley and SMBC, Luke has decided that Victoria is the place to be.

It's great to have made the decision. I'm so looking forward to working, and Luke to studying. I want to learn to trust God and Luke more, to serve Luke and support him in his future. I aim to give my energy to a church in melbourne and the small number of friends and family there.

I enjoy Melbourne and hope to get a decent job, so that we can eat, live and get around relatively easily. It's all starting to seem very, very real.

Please pray for me, guys. Hobartians( Taswegians), we will be back, and hopefully often. Sydnidians, we will be out!!! We want to see you too!

(Aside: How weird is it flying into sydney??! I kept thinking we were going to land in the water!)