Monday, July 19, 2010

Shouldn't I be doing something else?

A day in the life of a mother...

I had this idea in the back of my mind when I was pregnant that when I had 'gotten used to' being a mum I would start resuming formal Ministry, lose all my pregnancy weight and start 'achieving things' again.

6 weeks into motherhood and I look at my day and realise that I am more than surviving now, but this is all I feel comfortable with. My ministry is my own faith, supporting my husband and raising my baby. Any more is a bonus.

4:40 am - Wake up realising it has nearly been the outer limit for leaving your baby between feeds at this stage of the game. Get up and express milk because it's too uncomfortable otherwise.

4:50 quickly drink protein shake as starving and quickest way to feed self.

5:00 am gather up a very zonked baby and feed, toy with changing the disposable but know it's time to start the day in two hours and just burp and rewrap her

7:30 am luxurious sleep-in! ( usually 7am) wake baby and change hideously overfull sposy nappy and change wet gro-suit and singlet. feed baby.

8:00 finished feed and burping baby, go downstairs and start the fire in the fireplace. Play with Eva by looking eyes, then let her stare out the window while I add more wood to the fire.

8:20 Pick up baby and find that her nappy is already overflowing and pooey, change nappy.

8:30 'top-up' feed for hungry baby, more burping.

8:50 Try and put baby to bed, cries are unmistakeably hungry again. Feed baby, re-wrap and put into bed.

9:00 see husband for ten minutes before he runs out the door.

9:10 get dressed for workout

9:40 finish workout and drink protein shake again and water

10:00 dressed and downstairs preparing food for the slow cooker

10:45 upstairs and check facebook and do some googling on various topics on bubhub.

11:00 wake baby and feed, change nappy. Baby has indigestion, give infacol and burp, feed.

11:30 check fire and add more wood and resurrect. Bring upstairs to open package from Australia post. Do coles online shopping while bouncing baby to help with wind.

12:00 Baby hungry again, give 'top-up'. Play.

12:30 Put baby in bed wrapped after some more winding.

12:35 Make lunch - frozen rice in freezer and frozen veg.

whew! only half the day gone and I'm already ready for a break....