Friday, July 23, 2010

Great Expectations...

Guilt is a post-natal hormone

If I didn't have enough unrealistic expectations before I had children, I seem to secrete a hormone that makes me overextend myself and feel disappointed when I don't achieve what I expected to.

Ignorance is bliss

It's amazing that some people still expect that I would be 'super mum' already and ready to teach and help others again after 6 weeks. However, I am also thankful that these people are fewer than I originally expected. Still, it doesn't help the burn of irritation and the fight with my own mind to ignore these comments and just get on with the job at hand when they happen. The question 'how are you coping' and a real time of listening to understand should precede ANY 'you should/could/would' statements - this is for 'EVERYONE, not just new first-time mums.

Brave face

I don't like to whinge and I am very content with my current responsibilities and roles of helper to my busy husband and mother to a growing baby in her crucial first weeks - but sometimes I accentuate the positive and am cheerful about things. This doesn't mean that I always feel confident, happy, or like I am coping physically and emotionally. I am ok, but mother's positivity should not be mistaken for then being capable of taking on new responsibilities.

Change is dependable

I like to think my 6 week old daughter and I are in a good groove at the moment. However, she is growing daily and soon my tricks won't work and I will need new ones. Last night I got some good sleep, albeit broken - but tomorrow I may not. Hence, making hard and fast commitments is difficult for me, as I like to make my 'yes be yes and my no be no'. Some days I am safe to drive, some days I am barely safe to walk up and down the stair without seeing stars.

To his own master he stands or falls

The book of Romans says 'who are you to judge someone else's servant, to his own master he stands or falls'. Sometimes ministry can be too much about 'getting things done' and finding the people to do it. Sometimes we weak and feeble people just need to stand on this grace and know that we will be productive again soon.