Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Poverty is relative

Hello again, people.  Tardy as usual, but I have been thinking of writing to you every day.


For example:


I had conceived of a little piece about riding to work – the beauty of the Yarra, its banks supporting beautiful houses and clay tennis courts – from which I keep expecting Mr Toad to come leaping down the steps in attire suitable to his latest obsession…(well I’ve spoiled it now)


I have written some thoughts about our new apartment. From our window I can see, through a glossy leafed tree, a gold lame cross turning slowly, dangling from the roof of the house across the street.


I have had some thoughts about the difference between the slightly lower socio-economic area where I now live, where I regularly talk to people I don’t know and have good conversations; to the shinier, wealthier suburb I used to live in. There people stay inside their houses, and don’t randomly play cricket in the street with their entire family until its too dark.


A basic rundown is in order I think:


We live right near parklands, an enterprise centre that grows trees, and everything we need practically for life in general., we are close to church and to Christian friends who are a comfort and encouragement to us, as well as being great fun.


Luke has finished all of his exams, and passed his Greek (this was close and we praise God!) and I have handed in my final master’s subject, just waiting for results before I get another piece of paper…


God is very good, and He is still challenging me very strongly through “The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment” which I doubt I will ever outgrow.