Thursday, July 12, 2007


My first bible study

Nostalgia seems to be an emotion I experience frequently, these days. I dunno, maybe because I’m approaching thirty? Maybe because I OVER-analyse everything?

Anyway, amongst my myriad of memories when I cringe about various times of being silly, is the memory of the first bible study I co-led.

I was 20 years old. Picture me, a (regrowing) shaved head, cargo pants, and boots. It was winter so I wore a few jumpers or something. I had been trained to lead by a slightly cynical, lovely guy with an ironic and irreverent sense of humour. I was co-leading with a very gentle, encouraging bloke called Matt.

I used to go to Matt’s place before bible study, (in the past I just sat and watched) and had coffee with him while preparing for the study before leaving for the venue.

This night I was so overly pumped I agonised, “Should I have coffee?” I whined at Matt, eventually having a strong one, getting so hyped I could hardly sit still.

When we got to the venue, I challenged one of my fit male friends ( I was NOT fit) to a race around the block to try and (my reasoning at the time) calm down. Five minutes later (about three minutes after my friend) I wheezed and puffed, feeling very much like I would vomit the instant coffee I had unwisely drunk.

In the first five minutes of the study, during the introductions (I’m Alice and I’m in grade ten etc), I was so nervous I said “I’m Amy, and I’m an IDIOT”.

I can still hear Matt laughing….Ah! Thank God for His Grace!