Sunday, July 29, 2007

In breach of copyright

I'm studying my final masters subject this semester... several assignments, followed by a 5,000 word mini thesis...

Yes, and I am working full-time too. What? yes, I AM insane...


I'm studying the effect of copyright restrictions have on print-impaired people ( i.e blind, severe low vision, other conditions i.e stroke, cerebral palsy that prevent access to "the written word".

I stumbled across this passage in my reading recently
"The creator of the entitled to control who does what with their creation...they are...entitled to ensure that the creation is not distorted or passed off as the work of another..."

"[Copyright] does not have to be registered, it exists automatically"
(RNIB, 2004)

So what do you think, as those who have distorted God's creation, are we in Breach of Copyright?