Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Bourne Identity

I hope Napoleon wished you all a merry X-mas. I tried to explain that you guys were almost as cute as him and to therefore treat you guys enthusiastically...but he's a little self-absorbed. Oh well we can't blame him, he's soooo cute!!

I'm enjoying Melbourne but missing the online community. We don't really have internet at home. I'm at the public library just a few streets away, but the computers are pretty popular.

I have caught up with my friend J ( a great blessing indeed!) who is wonderfully hospitable and a dear friend who I never get to see for very long.

I have a my first job internview on Friday at a non-profit organisation for people with vision impairment. It would be just what I'd like. Prayers would be sooooo appreciated!

My main activities are running on the nearby running track, devouring fiction, the bible and some christian books ( currently reading "Revolutionising World Missions" by K.P Johanan, excellent book) and trying to resolve various administrative problems.

Luke and I are attending an Anglican church and are really feeling welcomed already!

Sorry for lack of pics and garbled info, will try and wrtie a decent post when I get some time next week. the Lord is so near and so good. I am very blessed.

God bless you all!! Sydney siders, american residents, tasmanians. You all rock and I am trying to keep up wth your blogs.

Love Donners