Sunday, December 17, 2006

Feel the Bourne

Things I have done in the last 8 days

Moved House: We are staying temporarily at Shiloh's place ( well really Father in law's place) Watching the sheep and enjoying the bush.

Got movers to move stuff to Melbourne: Don't even ask... ( few false starts here)

Had 3rd wedding anniversary dinner: Lovely time, pics later

Finalised library move at work: Moved a lot of books, installed new shelving, tried to train teachers in computer use and kids to use the new returns box ( you'd think that would be easy???)

Saw Luke through his final week at school: AH! Relief!

Cleaned up 3 years of house grott from old house: Hands and knees floor scrubbing, you can't beat it

Helped Dad clean up for going away party: didn't invite half the people we wanted there, too disorganised!!

Had small going away party to cover some goodbyes: Had lovely time and was great to finally meet Christine!!! I could only admire her willingness to learn the rules of the most boring game on earth- of course I mean cricket.

Had a pretend graduation ceremony: Due to beaurecratic issues I couldn;t attend my graduation ceremony, so my Mutti ( my grandma) dug out her academic cap and gown and we took snaps with a fake certificate.

Supported Luke preaching at Margate Community Church: A systematic theology of Christ's Kingship through the gospel accounts

(Matthew- Genealogical identity, Luke: Factual existent king, Mark: Prophesied king, John: The Cosmologically pre-existent King)

This blog will change in a few weeks to become a Melbourne news blog. Please keep tuning in, perhaps I should retitle the blog "The Horse's Mouth" or something.

Any Ideas?? You can win a nice warm fuzzy feeling in your heart ( the budget's a bit stretched)