Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Life as Usual?

Well, I'm done. I think.

I had a 'false finish' that meant I had to write 2 extra paragraphs ( after a fair bit of research) a week after I though I'd finished, but now its' really over.

Life isn't exactly 'back to normal' however, far from it. In fact it's more abnormal than ever. Heck what's normal anyway!

1. I am now a jobseeker, rather than a student. Quite a lot of jobs are beckoning and it's pretty exciting, except that I haven't had a single interview yet...

2. I'm moving out, as we intend to be renting a place in melbourne in two weeks ( but we'll still be in Tas) so we are moving to Rivendell ( or Luke's parent's house) for a spell to save dosh. This should be pretty restful. I look forward to watching the sheep circle the house like goldfish.

3. We need to sell our car and get a new one with air con.

So I will be a jobseeking, displaced car seller and buyer living out of a canvas bag, working and applying for jobs. At the moment this fills me with stress and dread. I'm trying to fix my mind on Jesus and I long to worship Him in my heart more.

Can people please share their favourite bible verses for times of trouble with me??