Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bound for Botany Bay Part 1

What do you get if you take a three hour car ride, an hour and a half plane trip and change trains twice??

Sprinkle with sunshine and stuff with caffeine?

Luke and I went to Sydney on saturday. We rose at 4am, drank coffee, drove to Buckland, drank coke and ate chocolate. Watched the morning star emerge in a rosy mist on the midlands highway. Got more coffee and croissants in Campbeltown. Caught a plane to sydney from Launny.

Caught two trains to a relo's place. Drank more coffee and ate fantastic sourdough bread from one of the beautiful vietnamese bread shops while chatting with lovely relos.

Met Craig through the flyscreen of the relo's house, went to Craig's place, drank more coke and ate pizza.

It was all a bit of a blowout, not just being off my head on caffeine, but all the abundance of talk and discovery and enjoyment of meeting someone who I had never met and yet knew so much about.

The most surreal moment was possibly when my phone swallowed Craig's number, which I knew I had put there the night before, and had to ring AB, Ruth's husband and ask for it! Ruth, he sounds very friendly and kind, he was very helpful. Thanks AB!

Hearing the phone voices made me realise that people are seldom how I imagine them, and in this case, are a million times warmer and inviting than I thought. However, just as interesting.


I now understand the multiple blog posts in a day, the enthusiasm for all things theological, and saw the gentler side of the vigorous online debater. Craig, at one point you listened to two simultaneous conversations, you drilled people at SMBC ( in the nicest possible way) and shared so much of your heart and life with us in the shorts hours that you spent with us. Add to this, your willingness to drive us all over the place and were very patient with my shocking sense of direction. You are a legend!! ( and no-one has paid me to say that ;)


After a lovely afternoon, we settled down for a deliscious meal and a glass of merlot with Lukey's aunt and uncle. My head swirled with tiredness and the wine as I drank in stories of their travels in switzerland. Their descriptions were so detailed I felt like I'd just been on a holday there myself. Here is a pic from my mental journey.

But, as my M.I.L (Mother in law) says, "You never go to sea without a porpoise"....

So, what was our purpose in visiting Sydney?

The last few months have been the agonising decision about where Luke and I will move next year, so that Luke can study at Theoloigcal/Bible College. The quick trip to sydney was part of that decision. So where have we chosen?

Stay tuned for "Bound for Botany Bay Part 2"!