Saturday, July 08, 2006

My Name is Earl

A T.V show I've watched a bit of lately has been interesting.

Earl is a typical thief, he lives in a trailer park with his wife and two illegitimate children that aren't his. His days consist of stealing, lounging around at the local Crab shack and eating the free treats brought out by the Crab shack owner, who looks suspiciously like his youngest 'son'.

One day, after scratching a lotto ticket for $100,000 he is hit by a car, losing his winning ticket. In hospital his wife divorces him and moves in with the Crab shack owner.

While watching a daytime t.v interview, he learns about the concept of Karma. Do good things, good things happen, do bad things, bad things happen. He makes a list of all the bad things he's done and sets oput to right them. A little later, he finds his lotto ticket again. Taking this as a sign, he spends his days fixing the wrong things he's done.

Now, I don't believe in Karma. But in proverbs, the writer describes how God is against those who do wrong and with those who do right.

'The Lord's curse in on the house of the wicked,
But he blesses the dwelling of the righteous"

What does everyone think? Should we go about righting the wrongs we have done in our life? Or does Christ's death absolve us of them?


Azaria’s name bracelet encircles air
a tiny circumference, lost.

We release each other from the burden of perfection
Our grace is reciprocal and generous
Yet not extended to ourselves.

A murderer’s death mask
Plaster casted like his victims
Twists my stomach

We touch the bodies of penguins
Leave thumbprints in ice

We praise our men for their gentleness,
Sans skinny milk