Monday, June 12, 2006

Jolly Brothers

Luke and I went round to Mike’s place for tea the other night.

Mike has a brother called Dave. Dave cooked sweet and sour pork. I give him props for browning the meat in batches and making the sauce from scratch. He also gets props for asking for the recipe for my Hazelnut Jaffa Pud’ that I brought round J

Watching Mike and Dave bag out each others taste in music is like watching two Jewish rabbis debate theology.

‘People think that I only like Linkin Park, that just because I’m into bikes, I only like heavy thrash music…’ ‘I know other stuff, you know that “teardrop’ song, by Massive Attack, I’ve heard of that (Dave).

‘There’s a rumour going around my church that I only listen to Motor Ace! It’s a lie’ ‘I’m really into Sigur Ros’ (Mike)

‘Sigur Ros, “eeeeee, yeeee leee yeehee” that’s what that sounds like’ (Dave)

‘I leave the room when he puts it on and I come back half an hour later, and I’m like, is it onto the next track yet, Mike?’ (Dave)

My computer is like a private window for me,

with my bookmarks; favourite online comics, blogs, photos. It’s a connection to people in other states and continents. It’s where I sweat out my study and where I explore theology. It’s an almost intimate repository for things that are mine and me. So it’s weird seeing a fellow blogger’s console. Rather than being like a window to the virtual world, it’s just another computer. Set up at a physical desk and surrounded by his cd’s, books and copies of the latest (and last) ‘Gurge. Bron pops up on MSN, it’s slightly unreal. Because it’s not my link to the virtual world, it’s his.

I have to give the boys credit for all the unexpectedly domesticated touches around the house. Couch cushions that match the dining setting cushions. Place mats on the table. Then there are the things that remind you this is a ‘boy’ house, a bachelor pad. The walls are covered with mountain biking photos and navy ships, cars. There’s an oven glove to take my pudding out of the oven with, its royal blue with a single word scrawled on it in script, ‘Ford’. It’s a boy oven mitt.

I’m also convinced I have to listen to some talks by Steve Timmus, about church planting. The model follows a more social and community centred model of church. It’s something that really appeals to me.

Thanks for having us around Mike and Dave!