Thursday, June 08, 2006

An Illustrative Definition of Irony

I’ve just submitted a 5,500 word report for a ‘client’, exploring the feasibility of creating an Australian version of this site. It’s a website that uses Google Maps and programs it to measure running routes. It takes the time you enter and calculates the pace you ran at too.

As I said, 5,500 words, because Google Maps didn’t go to street level in Australia, I explored potential map sources including Whereis and Virtual Map Australia.

I researched how to program the software using AJAX programming technique, researched internet hosting needs. I interviewed a programmer.

I extensively researched GPS technology, Pedometers and car odometers to compare them for accuracy with GIS mapping.

Then, on the 20th May, Google Maps coverage extended to Australia. The site I linked to at the top now happily measures runs at street level all of over Australia. My assignment was due on the 8th June.

That, my American friends, is irony.