Friday, October 16, 2015

Brick Flix Mini Unit Study

We had a bad night's sleep last night, it was hot and the cooler was noisy, and the girl was sick, and the boy lost his comfort blanket, and I was sewing him a new one at about 9 at night and they finally collapsed around 10...

Anyway, today I was not really up to any formal homeschool ( not that kinders and preschoolers really need any but I try and keep routine and structure for them) but I had a book from the library I was keen to read with them.

It was all a bit over my 3 and 5 year olds heads as you can imagine.  But I did find a short history of lego stop motion films and showed them a couple to give them an idea of what we would try to do.

This classic film was quite appropriate for kids in my opinion.  Nothing scary and quite cute, very clever really.  Precursors of maze runner and references to Dr Who.

So we started our own one. The kids built the set and designed it, I suggested additions they might like and suggested they choose and make characters. The book told us to get rid of the natural light so we brought in a lamp, we didn't really follow the other instructions, they were too keen to get started!

We downloaded an app called 'Stop Motion Studio" for free on the Ipad.  It was very simple and point and click.

Now this is not really a finished product by any stretch, if it were, it would have been me doing all the work and the kids not really being involved. There was some grumps about me showing E how to keep out of the shot and show incrementally how little moves add up to the big picture so we abandoned it after my little technique tutorial and went and colour in lego printables from the lego movie.

Ok, now lunch.