Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Perfect is boring

Ho Hum, here I go again, awful-ising perfectionist that I am.
Baby wakes from sleep early - a disaster!
Cook a dinner for the husband but its a bit under seasoned and he breaks out the chilli sauce, FAIL!
Toddler wakes up baby, ARGH! What is wrong with you?!

Read the bible but opened it at randomn in haste because baby JUST started crying? I SHOULD stick to a schedule, oh wait, I don't have one and should make one, but whats the RIGHT one!?

Sometimes my perfectionism manifests as indecision.

I could take my toddler to Mainly Music, or Kindergym, they are on at the same time.  Last time I went to Kindergym I could not help daughter play as baby feeding, so I went to Mainly Music and could not participate as baby woke to feed... Spot a trend?

OR I could just roll with it and be *gulp* flexible (shudder).
Heavenly Father - help me strive for the RIGHT kind of perfection, submission to Christ, perfected by HIS sacrifice, not my efforts.

I long to play with my toddler while the baby sleeps, or have lunch on the table before the hunger tantrum, get my toddler to something fun a few times a week and be more patient and consistent in discipline, but it is SO HARD when I have a very specific agenda that doesn't always pan out.