Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Reflections upon last year

1. My job is always to be a Christian in whatever circumstances I am in.

My job is largely irrelevant - but on the micro level - important to do well and hopefully enjoy. I don't mean that all Christians should think like this about their work - I just happen to have a secular job at the mo' but my heart is in Tasmanian christian work - church/para church. A lot of other Christians I know seem to be able to see their secular job in the scheme of things but I can't wait to be a mum and support my husband in full-time ministry.

2. I have low energy

Kind of tied up with point one, I find it hard to juggle work, home life, church, christian friends, non-christian friends, hobbies and relaxation as I need a fair bit of sleep and processing time - as well as "flake out" time.

This new year is the year of "no" and joy. I love all my friends and they have been sadly neglected due to my joining a few church "teams" and ministries that I hoped would be more self-sustaining. Letting them go is necessary to concentrate on the more long term "ministry" of loving my friends from different places and settings.

3. I love singing and developing my musical skills

I need to keep doing this as I enjoy it and I see God using the opportunities I take to develop my musical ability. I have neglected this due to exhaustion and busy-ness. Not taking on so much this year will hopefully give me time to get some better voice skills to avoid strain and allow me to develop the songs I have been writing.

4. Things can be "One-off"

In other words I don't need a contract or long term commitment to meet and encourage someone, do a particular service at church or even attend church. This is not a rule of thumb, its just something I need to accept this year - as someone who get tired easily and tends to over commit to things. As this year will be broken up by family reunions, international travel - supporting my husband complete his theological degree -it seems nonsensical to commit to something for the full year - but it won't prevent me from being there when needed.

5. Its okay to pull out

I am still struggling with this as there are a few things that could "fly on their own" if I hang in there a little longer, but others will never leave the nest - now is not the time to nurture something that I probably need to separate from when we move states and start new ministries and initiatives in the next twelve months (God willing).