Tuesday, December 04, 2007

That's Donners M.A, Grad Dip, B.A to you

See the envelope, pink cover sheet, a glaringly more-than-adequate mark looking back at me.  Try and decipher the scrawl and decide I don’t really care about what could be improved at the moment…


Leave the envelope lying on the kitchen bench while I fall onto my mattress to catch up on a sleepless night after a day, sleepwalking through work.


I am the Master – the distance master.


Why do I feel so little for this achievement?? I’m still trying to work that out.


What am I treasuring?


After attending JD’s graduation, my urgent desire is to be ready to be the minister’s wife I will be. 


This year has been tough.  Limited contact with Christians my age and older.  Limited contact with Christians who know me deeply and challenge and urge me on.  Limited time to study the scriptures (and then not used well by myself).


Now I just want to use my time well, to cherish His word.  To devour it and let it live in my innermost parts. To trudge, pilgrim like, through the trials I’m given.


To find strength in Him. To give thanks that this chapter is over and there is space in my head to rest, meditate and rejoice.


Thanks be to God for the endurance He gave me to finish!  Thanks also to everyone who asked about how I was doing and listened to my jumbled thoughts and cared.


Thanks, its over.  I got what I worked for and I my heart thirsts more than ever for what lasts, not the letters!