Thursday, September 20, 2007

Vulnerability in Christian ministry

We’ve discussed self-disclosure a little and thought about some of the pitfalls, such as wrong motives like the desire to be celebrated and praised and the not so bad motive to just be loved, that however can lead us away from seeking God’s love.

However, I feel that there is more to explore here…

What about making ourselves vulnerable appropriately? Some preacher’s do this from the pulpit and help me to repent, or to understand things, or to be reassured in my weakness.

So perhaps Godly self-disclosure exposes us to a vulnerability and criticisism we may not be ready for…

How can we expose our lives to others without being vulnerable? Or is being vulnerable a good or a bad thing?

Have you found yourselves helped by Godly self-disclosure?

Which preachers/Christian leaders do you know who have come under attack for their self-disclosure?