Friday, May 25, 2007

105 things...

Shiloh wrote down 105 things about her self. I thought it might make an interesting post.

1. I am a librarian
2. That doesn’t mean I wear glasses and my hair in a bun.
3. Wait, I do wear glasses.
4. I do like books, yes, thanks for asking
5. But I don’t get to read them at work…
6. I spend most of my time at work at my ‘puter
7. Looking at things that represent books
8. I’m not allowed to borrow the books at the library I work at
9. This makes me sad
10. Sometimes I see a book I just crave so much
11. But I can’t read it
12. And the libraries up here charge you for reserving your books’
13. Which is a bit stingy I think
14. I like Jane Austen
15. I wish she would write more
16. But then she would be waay too old
17. I like Thomas Hardy too
18. But he is a bit depressing
19.But who wouldn’t be if you lived among the legalistic Catholics/Orthodox christians of his day?
20.I am married
21.My husband is wonderful
22.God gave him to me because God knew it would be good for my character to learn to serve him
23.But also because I need him to lead me/look after me
24.I think Lead and Look after are pretty much the same thing
25.I mean look at Ephesians where the man has to love his wife like he loves himself.
26.That’s a pretty tall order
27.I’m glad I only have to submit
28.But I don’t do that very well
29.I’m working on it though, praying a lot
30.I made scones for the first time last week
31.Scones are great
32.They are actually very easy
33.And very yummy with raspberry jam and cream
34.I wish I had a cat
35.I miss the cats in my life
36.I like to cuddle them
37.I am also getting clucky
38.I get all silly when I see a baby now
39.Even on telly
40.Pregnant women took sooo beautiful to me
41.I have a while to wait to have a baby though
42.Because my husband is studying to be a minister
43.So I work so that he can study hard
44.I am so excited about this
45.I am looking forward to studying some theological subjects next year
46.But this year I have to finish my Masters
47.So then I will be a Master Librarian
48.Then you will all quake with fear
49.MWHA ha ha!!
50.I get carried away sometimes
51.Sometimes people think I’m annoyed at them
52.When I am just really really really worked up
53.I am a bit manic sometimes
54.I like bike riding
55.I like the feeling of getting somewhere fast on my own steam
56.Everyone overtakes me on my way to work
57.If I ever overtake someone
58.They overtake me a few minutes later
59.My bike has a bell
60.I feel like a ten year old when I ring it
61.All the other cyclists have trendy bells
62.Or say “passing” casually as they overtake me
63.There is a weird guy with a pipe who always stands in the same place when I ride home from
65.I wonder if he is a bit creepy
66.I hope he isn’t
67.At least he hasn’t got a bike
68.So I can get away from him if need be
69.I am a bit forgetful
70.But other times my memory is scarily accurate
71.I remember exactly how much a can of tomatoes costs at different supermarkets
72.And how much my last few weeks of grocery receipts were
73.I am a bit obsessive about budgeting
74.It makes me stressed
75.But I like being in control
76.and knowing that I am using the money God gave me wisely
77.I can also remember the entire dialogue of films I like
78.Well, a lot of them
79.I can also memorise scripture pretty well
80.I want to do this more
81.I want to know the bible better
82.because it is brilliant and powerful to save
83.I like people
84.Particularly nice/interesting people
85.But I generally really really like people
86.They fascinate me in what they do and reasons why they do it
87.I miss Tasmania
88.I miss the hills
89.the trees
90.the hot sun comparison to the colder air
92.Melbourne in May is a bit miserable
93.An author wrote that the light in Melbourne in May is very dismal
94.I’m inclined to agree
95.But I also really like Melbourne
96.I love to sing
97.Karaoke is like a drug/rush/high for me
98.Especially singing Vanessa Amorossi/Delta other power ballads/songs
99.I missed the Eurovision song contest this year
100. I’m sad I missed it
101. I’m looking forward to my niece and brother visiting me up here soon
102. We’re going to the open range zoo
103. I can’t wait!
104. I feel sad to see the big cats in their enclosures at the other zoo
105. I enjoyed this.

I would LOVE it if you guys did one…

Particularly Emi, Ruth, Craig, as I would like to learn more – if anyone does one, can you please comment here?? I don’t have all your blogs yet J