Saturday, June 03, 2006


'Mr Causabon! He is over forty-five, you know. I say a good seven-and-twenty years older than you'

'I should not wish to have a husband very near my own age' said Dorothea, with grave decision. 'I should wish to have a husband who was above me in judgement and in all knowledge'...

...something she yearned for by which her life might be filled with action at once rational and ardent; and since the time was gone by for guiding visions and spiritual directors, since prayer heightened yearning but not instruction, what lamp was there but knowledge? Surely learned men held the only oil; and who more learned that Mr Causabon?'


Yes, its true, when recipes ask for 'Buttermilk' which I for one have never ever seen in a Tasmanian supermarket, you can substitute it with normal milk and a tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar for every cup of milk. The way it works is to react with the baking powder and create a leavening action to make the mixture rise.

My chocoloate honeycomb muffins testify to it :)

Holy days

Today is my first offical day of work holidays and I spent most of it devouring a P.D James novel and avoiding my report. My excuse is that Luke is on my computer playing 'Rome: Total War".

So I can't use my computer where a million pdf and word documents about GPS, running injuries, AJAX (Asynchronous Java and Xml) programming and the threads that tie them together lie in wait for me...