Thursday, June 15, 2006


I went shopping yesterday. I spent more than $100 on myself.

I splashed out and bought these jeans, some new running shorts and a top.

This is weird for me, I am soooo tight and Scottish/Jewish that I would sooner wear a ski suit to bed than turn on the heater.

I would rather eat things I don't like than spend money on more expensive food. Half the reason I run is that I hate parting with my money to go to a gym. When my bank account gets low, I go into stingy mode.

I'm the type that will sit in a cafe for hours, reading or meeting a friend, deliberating over one coffee and as many free caraffes of water I can get. I'm the type that tries to get three flavours of mcFlurry toppings out of one McFlurry.

How does everyone else feel about spending money?

Are you as tight as me? Or do I seem too extreme??