Friday, June 23, 2006

Aussies take on Italy

Craig Moore
Despite being a bit of a boofhead in the game against Japan, and generally giving away free kicks for the other team, Craigy Moore is now a bit of a golden boy for scoring the first goal against Croatia in a penalty shot.

The Klingons, whoops, I mean, the Croatians, got away with all sorts of rubbish in the first half. Kicking people's ankles, deliberately tripping our boys. Most ridiculous of all was when Simunic was given a second yellow card but managed to stay on the field in the second half!

The last world cup that Australia played in was more than thiry years ago, and we didn't even score...Now we've really made it through! It was worth getting up at 5am and missing my run, the whole house crowded into a room to watch it, having coffee and breakfast at half time.